We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Contagious, where Kepios will deliver the company's revered Insider suite of consulting services to clients throughout Asia-Pacific.

Contagious is a global insights and intelligence service that helps companies to achieve the top 1% of marketing creativity. Headquartered in London and with offices in Singapore, New York, Portland and São Paulo, Contagious works with many of the world's most forward-thinking brands, including Heineken, Mondelez, Nike, Diageo, and Red Bull.

Insider harnesses a powerful combination of strategic consulting and capability-building services, enabling brand teams to conceive and deliver braver, more innovative and more contagious work.

By advancing and applying world-famous Contagious thinking to client challenges, Insider ensures brands are able to harness the latest global best practice, whilst simultaneously addressing local-market nuances and needs.

For more information, visit the Contagious Insider website, or email us to learn how Kepios and Contagious Insider can help you to boost your creative capabilities.