Data can help marketers make better and more informed decisions, but it's not always easy to find the data you need at a price you can afford. We've decided to do something about that, though, so we've teamed up with We Are Social and Hootsuite to bring you a huge collection of data and trends relating to digital, social media, and mobile use around the world. 

We update this page whenever we have new data, so you can be sure that the numbers you see below are the latest available.

Global Statshot

To start with, here's the latest global snapshot of internet, social media and mobile use around the world:

Kepios: Global Digital Snapshot 10 April 2017

And here's the more comprehensive Q2 Global Digital 'Statshot', with the latest numbers for internet, social media and mobile use around the world (you'll find a download link beneath this SlideShare embed):

Global & Regional Overviews

If you're looking for more global and regional overviews, these two reports – part of the Digital in 2017 suite we produced with We Are Social and Hootsuite – offer the latest headlines and insights for more than 230 countries around the world:

And if you'd like to dig deeper into the internet, social media, and mobile use in every country in the world, the reports below are especially for you.

We've grouped countries together using the United Nations' sub-region classification, so if you're struggling to find the exact country you need, check this page on the UN website to identify which of these reports you need.

If you need any more stats – or if you'd like to dig deeper into the implications these numbers have for you and your business – simply tweet your questions to @Kepios, or send us an email.

Digital in The Americas

Digital in Europe

Digital in Africa

Digital in Asia & The Pacific